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What is it?
Residential Cabling is the latest technology available to the new home owner or home builder. The Structured Cabling System is the foundation on which your home communications and entertainment network will be built. It is designed to organize and distribute connectivity technologies throughout your new home.

Residential cabling consists of pre-installed cable that will be used for Telephones, Video, Fax Machines, and a computer network. It connects each room on a “direct run” of high capacity Category 5e/6 and coaxial cable to a central enclosure called a distribution panel. This centrally located system then manages and distributes voice, data, audio and video signals throughout your entire home. By installing the system components during the construction of a new home all of the communication needs for a new home are taken care of up front, the only requirement being that of plugging a telephone, fax or other device into the wall. In a nutshell, this is essentially what you'll here being called a "Smart Home".

We offer custom designs and installations of structured cable system packages for owners who demand the latest technology from their new residential or commercial project. We can tailor estimates for building contractors with site wide installations at volume discount prices. We have the know how to provide the follow up your customers will need. This is just one of many available.

• telephone and broadcast/cable tv distribution
• satellite distribution
• multi-room audio
• multi-room video
• intercom system
• networking
• internet sharing
• digital multimedia distribution and entertainment

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