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Meeting all of you networking needs -

If you just need someone to move a jack to another location of rework your entire network our professionals will take care of you. We will not only install, but test and support all installations.

Wireless Networks -

Do you need help with you wireless network? Don’t know WEP from MAC address? Want to make sure that your files are secure? Want to keep out prying eyes from your sensitive data? Not only will we lock down your wireless network, we will also make sure that the computer attached to this network cannot be compromised.

SMART Homes -

Interested in making your new home “SMART”? Or maybe you would like to make your old home a little smarter? We can help bring your new or older home into the 21st century. We will set up your home for internet, telephone, security, audio / video, automation, and much more. Ask about our structured cable packages.

When we make your home a “SMART” home, we also try to make you a little smarter as well. We will provide technical support and show you how to operate your system. Hate reading those owners manuals? We can help here. A guided tour of your system is included with all of our standard wiring packages.

We also perform computer upgrades. If you want to change operating systems or add a hard drive of other component, we can help with this. We can perform this onsite if you wish. We also can do an entire server change out or upgrade is needed.

Structured cabling systems

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